I came in looking to upgrade from my standard readers to real prescription eyeglasses and had a wonderful experience.   I was seen by Dr. Hyde, who was very friendly and professional.   I was a person, not just someone sitting in the chair.   Back out front, a super nice woman named Kenya was patient and informative with me as I made the choices of frames, progressives, etc. She carefully explained all of the billing, my insurance coverage, and the costs and benefits of different potential upgrades.

This was a very pleasant experience.   Thank you, Pildes!

thumb Donald C.

  I have used Pildes Optical for many years - the store has an excellent selection of frames and the staff quickly answer any questions I have and happily make adjustments or minor repairs to my glasses.  I find the professional service and back-up far superior to anything available either online or through a chain.

thumb William G.

  Terrific selection of frames and a highly skilled and customer-friendly staff. I have bought many eyeglasses from Jay and have never been disappointed. Highly recommended! Pildes will go the extra mile to make sure that a customer is completely satisfied - even weeks after the transaction. I wouldn't buy eyeglasses from anyone else!

thumb Jade D.

  Same day appointment, exceptional service. Shout out to Zhenzhen Zhang who patiently helped me try on a million different frames until we found ones that were just right! She was super knowledgable and was able to match my every finicky request with a different set of frames. If you like the shape of a frame but not the color, you can even order beyond the stock that's in the store.

thumb Kate L.

  Great services and good energy overall!

James helped me pick my glasses, he was very knowledgeable and knew what would fit me well and had amazing positive energy!

The eye doctor there was also great, very polite and he examined me and shared findings about my vision problem, very helpful, highly recommend!!

thumb Mady J.

  They were so nice! And so helpful!
My GF's glasses had broken and they couldn't be fixed
They worked diligently to help us get a replacement

We stood with fingers crossed hoping
And she found a match!

These people were so helpful and kind !

thumb Bob H.

  I've been coming here not long, about 2 years now. I was seen this weekend my Dr. Moore-Stoll who was friendly, professional and provided so much knowledge. You can tell she knew her stuff and had a cute personality. I normally just come here for my eyeglass/contact exams and updated prescriptions. I don't order my glasses from here but they have such a vast and cute selection! Otherwise, service is always friendly from the staff and quick! See y'all next time!

thumb Dessa R.

  I have applauded Pildes in the past after purchasing sunglasses, but just had to do it again!  I purchased my first pair of bifocals from Jay very recently.  I was very nervous about acclimating myself to this type of lens.  Jay helped me to pick out a beautiful frame for me.
He gave me advice on how to best use this type of lens.  As I was standing with Jay, I overheard another client comment about how Pildes is the best place to purchase glasses. I totally agree with her.  I live in Riverdale but gladly drive
Into Manhattan to purchase my glasses from Pildes. Just had to give another shout out to this establishment, and to Jay.
F.Y.I.  I am loving my new bifocals!

thumb Cheryl T.

  The staff there are top notch. They know how to work with customers to make sure they get exactly the right style and fit. The thing that sets this place apart from others is the care given to making sure the customer is satisfied. No problem with returns or exchanges And if the lens aren't right they will replace without charge or hassle. It's a very professionally-run business.

thumb Barbara M.

  I'm visiting from California and left my glasses in the park. Li at Plldes Optical saved the day!  She was spot-on with advice for picking out frames that worked for my face and the glasses were ready a few hours later. I'm deeply grateful to be able to see again and so quickly. Excellent experience all around.

thumb Anne J.

  I needed a new local optometrist during COVID because my old place in Gramercy was just too far. It is super easy to book an appointment on their website, you don't have to wait like a month for an appointment and the office is efficient and well run.  They help you with your insurance to order contacts (with a rebate and insurance) or glasses.  My spouse now goes here too.  I also like supporting local businesses.  The optometrist is kind and listens to your eye concerns attentively -- I never feel rushed.

thumb Serenade S.

  I just got glasses here.  It is so much better than the place I usually go.  They are thoughtful and careful.  No surprise--the glasses I got are so much clearer than the ones I just got from another place.  I highly recommend this place.

thumb carol s.

  Integrity is a watch word at Pildes . Shout out to Jay who instantly volunteered to replace my glass frames that his assistant mistakenly broke.  Like his assistant, he could have just apologized.  But that was not enough for him .  He replaced the frames and gave me a separate pair of glasses to wear in the interim.  Ten days later I am fixed and set.  The interim frames?  Keep them you may need them"

He stepped up, fixed the problem and bought himself a life long client for not just doing things right but doing the right thing. A class act

Integrity is not as easy to find nor is it as highly valued as once it was.  You will find it at Pildes "

thumb Stephen R.

  I went to Pildes Optical on Broadway at 76th Street recently to buy a pair of glasses. I went several times and was helped by a very attentive, patient, competent and kind sales person, Kenia.. This is the fourth or fifth time over the years that I've bought progressive glasses at this Pildes.
I've always found them to be patient, competent and effective. I highly recommend this optical store.
November 2021

thumb Marilyn W.

  Wonderful shop, very personal attention. Permitted an exchange when glasses weren't as I expected.
I can't recommend higher!!!!

thumb Emily K.

  We have been customers of Pildes Optical since we moved to New York, 20 years ago.  
Two years ago,my husband retired and our insurance changed.We  decided to try a less expensive alternative to Pildes.
Though my  experience wasn't totally negative, I was not happy with the new optician. So, my husband tried a different "new" optician. That experience was less than satisfactory.
After a lengthy conversation, we decided that we could afford Pildes since we had been very happy with them for so long. We modified our time between visits and were comfortable with the increased costs because of the superb service and our total satisfaction with their services.
My husband is very analytical and our decision was based on weighing all the pros and cons. Neither of us has regretted our decision to return to Pildes.
Barbara T

thumb Barbara T.

  I've been a customer since 1992 -- mostly with Ruben, who has since retired -- and with Jay.  It's the best combo of old world service and present day efficiency and new tech.  Am working with Zhen now who is always a pleasure to deal with.  More power, Jay and crew!  Rene

thumb Rene O.