Our Philosophy-

The Pildes Optical philosophy is to offer the finest eye care services and to build a relationship for life.  We like to delight our customers so that we can proudly say: “Once a customer, always a customer”. Contact us today to schedule an eye examination and let us help you maintain one of your most precious assets – your vision. Thank you for visiting Pildes Optical. Come by our store – we would love to meet you.

COVID-19 Updates-

Pildes Optical on Broadway has an employee mandate requiring vaccinations for all of our optometrists, opticians, salespeople and technicians.

I am proud and honored to say that our entire staff is FULLY VACCINATED against the Covid-19 Coronavirus.

Additionally, we have never lifted our in store mask mandate for anyone entering our premises. Even when the CDC eased the indoor mask requirement for vaccinated people, we at Pildes Optical on Broadway, never permitted maskless entry for anyone! We will continue to make safety our number one priority for anyone being examined or shopping in our office or store.

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