Great service. Fast and clean. I made an appointment to update my prescription. It wasn't a walk-in, so I didn't have to wait. The staff and the eye doctor were friendly and efficient.

    thumb Celena C.

      I haven't got my contact prescription updated in a while, the doctor was really nice and they let me try a couple different ones, it took a couple weeks. But they are so nice, a great business, thank you so much!

    thumb Karena C.

      I recently moved and was in need of new pair of glasses! Was so happy I found Pildes! The schedule for an eye check is always full and was lucky to get a slot in the same week. Everyone is sooo helpful. Dr. Hyde is very nice and got all the answers to my eye questions! Roger assisted me in picking up my new pair of glasses! His suggestions were on point! Can't wait to get my glasses.

    thumb Kath C.

      Came in to try out some shades and the staff was great , didn't pressure me to buy anything at all , let me try some prescription glasses and let me tell you . These guys are great . Their prices are affordable and if there's a glasses store I would recommend. These guys are the ones

    thumb Simon D.

      I have known Jay for over 20 years and his service is exhempreally. His staff is professional  and he can order any eye frames or contact lenses you would like. These guys are simply the best! Don't trust anyone else with your eyes.

    thumb Brett R.

      I would recommend without hesitation ... very dedicated, nice and professional people but the most important for me is that they demonstrate a high level of integrity. I don't know about you but I always wonder what specification I really need and how much is a fair price for the frame and the lenses ... well these guys do not push you, they  explains what you need, all what you need and just what you need. Feel very safe in their hands !!!

    thumb Patrice S.

      I have been going to Pildes for years for the excellent eye exams, friendly and knowledgeable staff, my contact lenses and glasses, and the expertise of Jay, the owner. Dr. Hyde, the optometrist, is superb, and every year he tweaks my prescription to perfection. Since Covid, I have been so impressed with the safety measures this shop has taken: only a few customers in the store at a time, masks and face shields are worn at all times by everyone working in the shop, plexiglass shields line the glasses cases to protect both staff and customers, hand sanitizer is plentiful, and the place is spotless. Pildes has outshined every other business in the neighborhood in handling the safety of their customers and staff during these challenging times, and I am extremely grateful to Jay and his whole amazing team!

    thumb Miranda H.

      This is without a doubt the best optical store that I've dealt with in my life. I've come back to this store over and over again because the customer service is absolutely incredible, they will go above and beyond to make sure you are happy with your eyewear purchase.

    My latest experience here required them to re-do/re-adjust my new glasses several times and I worked with Gene during most of the interactions.

    My vision is very sensitive and Gene worked with me to make sure the glasses are absolutely perfect, and I really appreciate that because not everyone would be so kind and patient when you come back multiple times to have things re-adjusted, he really has the patience of a saint!

    If you are looking for a pair of glasses, this is the place to shop, I've highly recommended them to everyone I know shopping for glasses.

    thumb Ron S.

      I love this place this was my first time going here. The staff was very friendly and very helpful. I went for contacts which I have not wore in years. Everyone was helpful in directing me how to use them. My family and I will be coming here for now on.

    thumb Dee S.

      I've been going to Pildes Optical since 2016 (in fact, my first eye exam was the day after the 2016 election, when the doctor problematically told me I shouldn't worry because "he's not really going to do that stuff"). The experience has been generally mediocre, but I've held back on writing a review until now, when I realized that the contact lens prescription I paid $65 for is incorrect, even after I emailed them to have it corrected when I caught the initial error (no response). This means I just spent $200 on contact lenses that are wrong for me. Additionally, while I appreciated the help of the employees in picking eyewear, they tend to be flatfooted in their approach to up-sell me. It lends a casual used-car lot vibe to what could be a normal UWS shopping experience.

    thumb Zein M.

      Having watched a documentary about how Luxottica owns my eye insurance company as well as lens crafters and all the eyeglass brands they carry, I realized it was time to be a true New Yorker and look for new frames and a local shop.  My pursuit focused on pricing of the Lindberg brand as my research showed them to be some of the best.  To my surprise, there are very few shops that carry these, and those that do have them priced quite high.  My search came to an end when I called Pildes Optical and Jay provided the pricing - which is the best in the city.  He was open, honest, and very informative about the frames as well as their pricing, this is what brought me to the store.

    Upon arriving, Jay spent as much time as I needed to get comfortable with the right style of frames, fit, and size.  He then proceeded to walk me through the different types of lenses.  While this is something optician should and will do, Jay's time spent with showed me that he was dedicated to me as a customer - even though I wasn't one yet, and not just some employee trying to sell but rather a VERY informed, educated, and experienced optician that loves what he does as much as he loves his clients.  I can be quite indecisive about things, this didn't phase Jay one bit.  

    No offense to the other employees at this shop, but the time Jay has spent with me each time I come to the shop has been stellar and he is the only person I work with.  If I need an adjustment, he takes care of it immediately, if I need a new nose pad, it's taken care of.  From the first time I walked in the door of Pildes, Jay built a trusted, open, and honest business relationship with me - which is something I never got from any other optical shop in the city.  As a result, I am now a dedicated customer and can't say enough about how wonderful my experience was - never any pressure, never any issue, never any complaints.  In my 12 years of living in the city I can't believe it took me this long to find Pildes Optical and Jay, but I am happy I did as I won't deal with any other shop from here on out.

    Many thanks to Jay and the employees at Pildes Optical for not only providing the best service, but doing it in a way that clearly displays the value in doing business with them.

    + After reading the other posting here, I had no idea that Jay is one of the owners of this shop.  This is important because he provides the same best service everyone else there does and doesn't present himself as someone superior to anyone else in the shop.  More importantly, he takes an active role in the shop, answering the phone, helping customers, and providing the best service I have ever had in the city.

    + Also wanted to point out that Jay responds to EVERY single review where a customer had an issue and explains the situation or how it was resolved - this is the sign of someone that really cares about their customer and their business.  If you have a bad experience for some reason (no one and nothing is ever perfect) then it is your responsibility to provide the appropriate, honest feedback and give them a chance to fix it, before posting something here (my opinion).  It disappoints me to read some of these negative reviews - Like complaining because the shop wont be responsible for taking possession of glasses to send to the lab to have new lenses put in when the shop doesn't even carry the glasses?  They have no way to replace the glasses if something happens to them, and I know for sure that if something happens to a pair of glasses you buy from them they will replace them.  I know we are all busy in NYC and don't have time to wait for things, or get frustrated when things don't go the way we expect or demand them to go, or the experience might be different than that from other, larger shops, but I can tell you the whole reason I left Lens Crafters after years of going to them is the transient, uninformed staff they had working there as well as the process of getting you in and out as quickly as possible, building no trust or relationship with the client (needless to say the lack of inventory and time it would take to order certain frames).  If you don't have the time or patience to work with someone on getting something as important as a pair of glasses, then lens crafters might be the best for you, because the employees at Pildes have the experience, time, and patience in making sure you get the best for what you need.   As well all know, it takes two to make a thing go right.

    thumb Erik H.

      Wow! This place is amazing, the best customer service -- truly the friendliest staff. Weekend appointments and an optometrist who couldn't be nicer. Can't recommend this place enough! I'm never going anywhere else again.

    thumb Antoinette R.

      I was visiting from AZ and forgot my contact lens. I called them to ask if they were able to help me in getting some. I was able to get my prescription and they fulfilled it at no charge. Kenia was so great and helpful! It really added to my New York trip.

    thumb Sarah N.

      I had dropped my glasses off at a Sterling store to get the screw fixed. When I went to pick them up, they were closed with no information as to why they were closed. Panic set in as I need my glasses. Pildes was highly recommended to me & I couldn't be happier with my experience. Tony helped me & he was patient in letting me try on numerous colors & shapes (I was getting frustrated w/ myself, but Tony kept telling me to go as long as necessary). When I picked a pair, but wanted to know about other color options, Tony searched through the store, couldn't find other colors, but went online to show me other color options. He then told me that he would order that color for me so I could try them on. Without a doubt, this was the best & most thorough eyeglass buying experience I've ever had. I'm not glad that my other pair seem to be gone forever, but I'm really happy to have found Pildes. I highly recommend them (& Tony).

    thumb Cheryl D.

      My experience here was phenomenal in all regards. I came to get new sunglasses and left with a pair that were better than I ever could have imagined. The staff here are kind, professional, and incredibly knowledgeable. Jean guided me through their large selection with expertise in style and function. I would highly recommend anyone and everyone to come here for all of your eyewear needs!

    thumb Jason G.

      I used this place about a month or so ago and have been meaning to write my review of this place! I called in to set an appointment and that was quick and easy. The follow up call to remind me of my appointment was a nice touch. I came in to get some new glasses as I had quite the allowance on my insurance and left with contacts! Not to mention the contacts were covered so my visit only cost me a total of 35$. The optometrist was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. I had no clue I had an astigmatism but I learned that upon my visit. He helped fit me with some contacts for the astigmatism and I was off with my trial contacts. Although it was very new to me as I've never worn contacts I left there feeling incredibly confident of my new journey since they give you a training on how to put them on. The contacts turned out to be great and I ended up ordering three months worth. I will be in soon again to use up my allowance on some frames for when I'm not wearing contacts at home.

    I rated 4 stars because the African American (I'm a minority as well I unfortunately did not catch her name) counter staff didn't make me feel welcomed because I was either gay or a minority or both. Go figure! I literally watched her smile at a blonde haired blue eyed customer and instructed him to take his time and then walks over and asks me if there is anything else they could help me with today and in other words, leave. That sucked because I received 5 star service from everyone there so that definitely stuck out. Outside of the lack of professionalism from her I would say Pildes is doing an incredibly job. I've never enjoyed a trip to the eye doctors as much as I did this time and am looking forward to coming back! Thank you all for the great service!

    thumb Trisha B.

      My new go-to Optical store! Extremely friendly and helpful. Beautiful selection. Highly recommended. They are so super helpful and accommodating if anything is wrong.

    thumb Michael R.

      The optometrist was very capable. Listened to my eye history asked questions and found me a lens that I think will be great in providing a solution for my particular vision needs.

    thumb Susan M.

      Thanks once again for your ability to find me the perfect frames and matching custom sunglass clips for my progressive lenses! And now with the lens coating you suggested for blocking the harmful blue light from electronics, I feel that my eyes are protected as well.

    I have been purchasing my glasses from Jay since the mid-90's. He always takes the time to make sure they fit perfectly and my tricky vision is addressed. It's worth the trips in from NJ to continue to buy my glasses here. Highly recommended.

    thumb Terri B.

      Needed an emergency pair of contact lenses while visiting city that never sleeps.
    Pildes offered me a free pair of trials. You guys saved my vacation! Thank you so much!!!

    thumb Nathan T.

      I have been a customer at Pildes since moving into the neighborhood in 2005 and I would never go anywhere else. They are extremely helpful and knowledge and I have always been more than happy with their service.

    thumb Mark P.

      Maybe if you J had helped me you would not have lost a high end sale. Per your response it appears that you not only have mastered the english language but also mastered the art of bullshit. Instead of a apology you want to say its my fault that your sales person could not communicate your policies properly to me as prehaps the person did the year before ?  Really ? And as far as social media goes you should not be on this forum if you are not open to customer feedback or criticism. I wish you the best with your subpar  employee and buisness, Eventually as more buisness is lost and you have to shutter your doors you will relize that I was right, I live in the neighborhood and believe me the word gets out on the Upper West Side much faster then social media !!!! HAPPY Holidays  J

    thumb Adam I.

      Great selection of frames and their customer service is excellent. Stephanie helped me whittle down my options from 12 frames to 3 and ultimately to the final pair. If you're indecisive about your next pair of glasses and need someone to help you find a style, Pildes Optical is a great place to check out.

    thumb Travis D.

      I have spent thousands of dollars at Pildes but am changing eye doctor/store for my glasses and contacts hereon out. Staff have been nice but too many administrative/clerical errors that have made me lose confidence in them and a desire to spend my money there, like not actually making me an appointment that I booked while standing with the person, not storing insurance info in my profile so we don't have to look it up every single time, etc. I can't imagine others haven't experienced similar challenges and I hope they get this sorted sooner than later and so they don't keep losing good clients like me.

    thumb Jennifer R.

      This review is just for the doctor/optometrist.  Dr. Atia was amazing - the best appointment I've ever had.  She is patient, efficient, kind, and knowledgeable.  The appointment was right on time, and the paperwork was really quick.  

    And, I was out of there in 20 minutes!

    thumb Aaron S.

      I've come here for a couple of years now, mostly because it's conveniently located. Dr. Hyde is a fine doctor. A little quiet and perhaps not as proactive as one could hope, but solid. The prices also seem to be very competitive.

    The reason Pildes gets three stars is the incompetence of the office staff. I'll elaborate.

    --When I initially schedule my appointment, the person I spoke with on the phone says she will look up my insurance information and call me back in 10 minutes to go over it with me. She never does. I have to call back the following day.

    --When I pay for my exam I ask the lady who charged my card to send me an email copy of the receipt. I never received it.

    --A couple days later, when I call Pildes to purchase the contact lenses Dr. Hyde prescribed, I again ask for the receipt from my exam a few days prior as well as the receipt for my $500+ contact lens purchase. I never received it.

    --Finally, a couple days later, I ask Pildes for a third time for my receipts and the lady I speak with gives me attitude. At least she finally found the time to send me the receipts I had repeatedly asked for.

    I don't know whether bad employees or bad management are to blame, but dealing with Pildes has been a pain.

    thumb Stephen M.

      I walked in today because I needed an eye exam and contacts in a hurry. And did they accommodate. The female optometrist was efficient, caring and thorough. I'm glad I chose them. Hassle-free service.

    thumb Lisa C.

      I stopped by to repair my sun glasses. A gentleman fixed so kindly. Actually, I remembered that I had bought my eye glasses years ago there. It was a very pleasant experience too. They are not pushy at all. Very considerate and great service.

    thumb Kay S.

      The staff at this location are wonderful. My son wanted to be fitted for contacts but found that it wasn't easy to learn to how to put them in. The technician was incredibly patient with him and encouraging, and he achieved his goal! Thank you Pildes Optical at Broadway and 76th !

    thumb Sam W.

      The staff was extremely knowledgeable, professional and kind in helping me get new glasses. The entire process, from the exam, the explanation of the results, picking the right lenses, frames and options, etc was a pleasure. And Stephanie was great at working with my insurance to get me the best possible discount. I can't recommend Pildes Optical enough.

    thumb Danilo A.