Anastasiya G.

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Another very satisfied customer. I went in search of a new optometrist because my old one was terrible. I had lenses made previously that were not anti-glare and reflected everything on them. I found Pildes, read some reviews and deiced to stop by after work. They took the measurements/dimensions of my current lenses and put the order in on the same day. I came back the next day to drop my glasses off and they were ready for pickup in one business day (total of a three day transaction). The front desk staff was super friendly and accommodating. They are also open until 6 everyday so it’s easy to drop by after work. What is more, they did not hassle me to get an eye exam- just straight to addressing my problem- and I was in and out in under 15 minutes each time.

Here is the part I am most pleased about: the glasses were perfectly done. The lenses are so clear you can barely tell they are even there, and I see perfectly in them. There was a zero adjustment period (wherein at my old optometrist, even if I was getting lenses with the same exact prescription and dimensions, they never did fit as comfortably when putting them on as the old ones).

All in all, I will definitely be going here from now on for my eyeware needs.

-Anastasiya G. 9/15/2014

Diane R.

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I had just gone on Medicare and was leaving for LA to take care of my infant Granddaughter while Mom and Dad needed to return to work full-time. I needed to get contacts for my adventure which is for an indefinite time period.
My medicare plan has great coverage for contacts, however, my usual optical place would not accept the plan. I checked out several places that were on the “list” but they no longer took the plan either and were not especially friendly when I went into the stores to try to find out in person. As it turns out, I was given some erroneous info about my plan and that is probably why they told me no! Maria at Pildes did a more thorough search through the various options and found my plan and me in the system!!!! Amazing!!!! I was completely crunched for time as I had not thought this would be such a difficult task to accomplish and had, therefore, left it until the last minute. I cannot compliment the staff enough for how delightful and helpful they were in getting my prescription and my contacts. Maria was amazing scheduling me in and arranging to have the contacts arrive at the store asap (alas after I was on my plane) and took it upon herself before I even thought of it to ask Jay if they could mail them to me at my new temporary address!!!! Jay agreed and all they arrived shortly after I did!!! The optometrist was a delight also. After discussing with me my preferences for strength and comfort he readily adjusted the prescription and chose a brand for me that I find so much more comfortable than what I had been wearing for years.I had a lot of fun and some great conversations in the store. They were terrific with everyone that came into the store while I was there and greeted all with a big friendly welcome. The vibes there are like being with family you really enjoy spending time with. I can’t believe I had never gone in there before even though I have been in the neighborhood since before they opened! There was a wonderful selection of frames, good prices, attentive and caring service… unpretentious and very classy!! I LOVE it at Pildes….I give them the highest recommendation I can!! Enjoy!

-Diane R. 7/6/2014

Margo DiCicco

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I have lived on the Upper West Side of New York my whole life and I have always gotten my glasses at Pildes Optical. Over the years, I have followed Jay (the owner), and Ruben, to three different store locations within a twenty-block radius. The reasons that I continue to shop there, and why I always recommend them so highly are: great service, and extreme knowledge about eyeglasses and every type of lense available. Jay and Ruben have impeccable taste in picking frames for each particular face, and that ultimately saves the customer a lot of time and frustration. They have a wonderful choice of the most current frames at the most reasonable prices, and they will work with you and your insurance company to get you the best possible price. They are so helpful and always go above and beyond. If you break your glasses, or need to get minor adjustments, they are always accommodating and will fix your glasses with a smile! I have recommended many friends who were visiting from out of town, and everyone was always extremely happy with the service. When they ordered glasses they were sent to them very quickly and in perfect condition. Recently, my friend broke the metal hinge off her glasses and was told in another store that she had to buy a new pair of glasses (in excess of $300).Luckily, she told me and I took her to Pildes and she was so relieved to find out that they could be soldered for a fraction of the price. Suffice it to say you are in GREAT hands at Pildes Optical and I would never shop anywhere else for glasses. When you have had the very best, all that’s left is all the rest!

-Margo D.  6/2/2014

Avi A

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I needed glasses repaired from another state.  No one would help me.  I went to Pildes and not only did they fix my glasses, they reordered me replacements.  They are accommodating in a way that doesn’t exist in 2014.  They offer personal professional care and the staff is terrific. I wouldn’t go anywhere else and encourage others to support this fine business.  Jay the owner is terrific!!!

-Avi A. 5/11/2014

Elli P.

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I used to go to another eyewear store in the neighborhood, and did not feel comfortable going there.  And then I walked by Pildes.  Why didn’t I know about Pildes earlier!

The staff is AWESOME.  They are all very helpful, patient and friendly as I visited them three times to find the right glasses.  They have a wide selection to chose from.  Additionally, I did mention that I was going to buy my contacts online because they were cheaper, and they matched the price.  AND I got a $50 rebate on top.  AND they delivered my contacts to me. How sincere can you get Pildes?

THANKS for a great experience Pildes!

-Elli P. 5/11/2014  

R S.

Thanks to Jean for helping me with my glasses. He is very knowledgable. I will definitely return. Great customer service.

R S. 4/13/2014

Eliza R.

Although I live about 10 blocks away, and there are several optical places I passed walking to Pildes, I am glad I made it to Pildes. The Optometrist, Dr. Coleman was super nice and did a great thorough eye exam. The gentleman behind the counter was really nice and helpful too. It’s not very fancy, but a great solid place with many choices in frames. I highly recommend this business.

Eliza R. 10/13/2011

Ken B.

I had to get glasses in a hurry one Friday afternoon as I was headed out of NYC for a trip and my contacts were causing me problems. Jay at the store was patient and helpful w/selecting the frames and the lens thickness. This was all the weekend of Hurricane Irene and Jay was able to get the glasses on Saturday morning (while a number of stores were closing or already closed for the hurricane), which was a big help for me. I can’t say much about the prices (as I didn’t shop around) but the service was great. I will definitely go back.

Ken B. 10/1/2011

Michael D.

Just great! Ruben and Maria couldn’t have been more helpful, the examination (and doctor) were very comfortable and efficient, and the glasses are really good. Friendly, warm and charming. As good as it gets!!!

Michael D. 4/8/2014

Eliza W.

Excellent service! I needed a pair of eyeglasses and I landed in the perfect place to find them. The associate named Jean was incredibly helpful and patient! He stuck with me as I tried on pair after pair. This place has a great eyeglass selection and a great staff to match. It was time and money well spent! Give them a try!

Eliza W. 4/1/2014

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